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Game News
This website contains information and updates about the guild, Ambiguity. Please check out our forums and news sections for any important updates and information. Thanks!
About Ambiguity
1. doubtfulness or uncertainty of meaning or intention.
2. an unclear, indefinite, or equivocal word, expression, meaning, etc.

Besides myself the other Vice Leaders are:

Established on February 3rd, 2011

We are Ambiguity of Khaini!!!!!!! Ambiguity consists ambundance of fun. Any level is welcome to join Ambiguity. We're looking for dedicated, mature, active people to join us. Once consistent availability is determined, (and high leveled enough) we plan to organize a number of party quests and expeditions including Zakum Runs, Guild Party Quests, Targa/Scarlion Runs, Crimsonwood Keep Party Quests, etc. Ambiguity also assists members with pre-requesties for any of these listed runs.

We also hold a number of raffles and events to win in-game items. Information on such events are found within the forums of this website or within our in-game Guild BBS

It's not a requirement, but we prefer people 13 years and older to join us, but if you're younger and can handle yourself with an older crowd, you're welcome to apply. We're recruiting main characters only.

Guild News


SoulFatal, Mar 30, 11 10:52 PM.
I am getting a dozen reports back and forth about people getting into pointless, childish arguments with either guild members or alliance members. You need to understand the definition of maturity in these cases. If something offends someone, and they decide to AFK or separate themselves from the situation momentarily, IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY'RE BEING IMMATURE OR BABY-ISH. In fact, that is an aspect of true maturity because they're able to know when they've taken things too far and are able to leave the situation before it gets even worse. If someone tells you something offended them, take a moment to understand and try your best to consider that from now on. I don't care if someone is offended by a name, a color, a statement, etc. Being respectful means treating everyone with the same respect you would like in return. I'm sure everyone has weird dislikes or likes. We all need to make the effort to remember that and stop continuing with the stupid arguments.


SoulFatal, Mar 30, 11 10:50 PM.
Hide & Seek
This Event will take place on May 8th Mother's Day.
If you don't know what it is well....You pretty much look for me when I tell you too =)
This event are not for losers who like to cheat so if you are thinking on cheating I suggest you just quit this guild right now



SoulFatal, Mar 30, 11 10:45 PM.
Sorry guild members, but I must forbid extra characters in guild due to space.
We need extra space for extra guildies so please quit on your other characters unless I let you like CaptainSune and AbusedMagic7 but you may only have 1 you two.
Enjoy Mapling =D


Launch of the Website

SoulFatal, Mar 30, 11 10:41 PM.
I am finally done with the site. Please encourage others to join the website so this can be a comfortable place besides Maplestory!
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